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Corona wedding - a concept that did not exist and in one year became something that everyone knows what it is, how it is and how much it costs. Hovering around it are many more aspects and tasks that before the era of the virus, young couples did not think would be part of the To Do List ahead of their special day. Alongside the unique nature of Corona weddings, there are also things that remain exactly the same-

Which bride will give up her dress? And which one will give up makeup and hairstyle?

What couple does not dream of a good photographer who will document the special moments and send an amazing souvenir?

I did not get to meet. And I do not know if it happened because there really is no reason! Yes, a Corona wedding will not look like a 2019 model wedding, but in order to get the wedding closest to the dream wedding it is worth first letting go and realizing that in some areas we have no hand and no ability to execute everything we wanted. So in order to make the wedding closest to our dreams - the things that can be controlled must be grasped with both hands!

I make up and comb and I met dozens of brides this year who encountered many dilemmas about what will be and how it will be, so I am writing here in order to help in my field - makeup and hair, in general and in particular the Corona period, how to choose the right style? And no less important - the one who will accompany you in this.

Tip 1: Choose the style -

I believe makeup should not change the face. The groom should not recognize you just because you are the only one with a white dress around. With proper use and adjustment to the structure of the face, it is possible to emphasize with makeup what you like and hide what you like less, in order to achieve a special and festive look that is both clean and compatible with who you are.

The phrases "who you are" and "clean makeup" do not mean a free translation for a minimum of make-up or as little eye shadow as possible. Aim for as much as possible your habits. One that does not touch makeup on a daily basis I probably will not put on a dominant blush or shadows with a lot of presence and one that applies sharp eyeliner every day and does not leave the house without makeup so her familiarity with makeup is greater and you can play more with colors and highlights. So the range of options is very wide and the main consideration for the style is your acquaintance with yourself and accordingly make a coordination of expectations with the makeup artist.

The same line of thought regarding hair styling and here also come into consideration additional considerations of suitability for the dress and hair type.

Tip 2: Choosing a makeup artist and comb -

Once you know what your favorite style is, you need to find a makeup artist who masters the style you are looking for. Both someone with experience in the field and someone who will go with you, be attentive and with good energies, she will spend the whole day with you at home so when you do not compromise on quality, do not compromise on who will create it.

Tip 3: Price adjustment -

The most relevant tip for the corona period. The wedding supplier market is a huge market, the price range is wide and varies according to many criteria. Costs in the field of weddings have always been a major consideration in organizing a wedding, especially in the current era, so it is important to work well with a pre-defined budget range.

When choosing your makeup artist, ask yourself - what is my budget? What is the average price in the market? What do I get in the package? Does it include a counseling session? Is it possible to skip such a meeting and lower the price accordingly? Where do I get organized and where does the makeup artist come from? An hour of travel is an hour of work for everything and therefore an integral part of the price - and so is the decision. Is there a Corona section? What is the cancellation policy? What if there is a change in the date of the event?

So after you have done an in-depth market survey and found relevant ashtrays - all these questions should be referred to a makeup artist and make a decision.

Tip 4: Release-

True, a year ago when a couple set a date, in most cases dealing with the question of whether the wedding would take place on the desired date, was not part of the worries. Today the situation is completely different, from the beginning couples also plan Plan B in case of a sucks change in guidelines. Arrange with a team of suppliers for date A and hope that if they have to move, everyone will also be available on date B.

But if they are not? Whether it's a makeup artist or any other professional whose service you get on your wedding day, my recommendation is that during the search put aside the names of some vendors you liked, in case you have to cancel the one you closed with, you will have a few more relevant names in front of you, so no pressure. In addition, most providers know their colleagues in the field and know how to recommend and direct to another name that transmits on the same wave and can help in finding another suitable provider.

Try to understand that in such a dynamic period things can change, in the big things as well as in the small ones and that's fine. Sometimes it is worth trying to lower the level of stress and dealing with uncertainty and understand where the balance point is, when it is possible and recommended to have your hand on the pulse and when to release. Proper planning of alternative theoretical plans can produce a lot of peace of mind.

Fortunately, there are thousands of quality and humane professionals in Israel today, if one is not available? do not worry! There's another one next door. Although you have to find it and I do not say to take everyone because every couple has the style and atmosphere he is looking for and there should be a match, but at the end of the day we work in the happiest and most fun field there is and the atmosphere is very accommodating and shared, both between business owners and between you So of course we will be happy to help!

Hope the tips will help you organize your wedding in the most relaxed and efficient way.

Wishing us all a return to days full of health and empty of question marks. But until then, do not give up what is possible and there is. Hundreds of couples tell about the corona weddings that they exceeded all expectations, there is something in the intimacy of the event that allows corona weddings to be more accurate like a glove next to the happy couple. Prove and will continue to prove to us that it is possible to celebrate in another way as well, in every way advantages and disadvantages but most importantly not to forget the main thing, it is a milestone, a happy event to celebrate a sea of ​​love.

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