It all started with repairing shorts

It was like in the cartoons that when you get hit we become stars dancing overhead

So hearts danced for me, just like that.

The moment I pressed the pedal of the machine and heard the sewing noise it was like magic to my ears

Then I had a few years of sewing reps and uniforms and costumes for the biggest companies

Pelephone, Orange, Coca-Cola, Corona, Tapuzina, Dorex, and many more sellers

Slowly I was drawn to the world of events

Sewing wedding dresses and sewing evening dresses

And there I have already found my true self

This is what fate wanted!

You enjoy every moment and feel it in the atmosphere and the result

You are always welcome to read the reviews online

The full story can only be heard through me :-)

In the meantime, I have therefore attached an article from the Jerusalem Post

Feel free to come to a fun counseling session at no cost

Karin Bar Sussman


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