Evening dresses Collection 2021

Karin Bar Sussman has the most amazing and wide range of evening dresses. The evening dresses have special sleeves, necklines and backs, perfect for the lady who wants to cover her arms and still not reveal completely. Evening dresses have incredibly different and special cuts that will compliment each and every people and its structure. The dresses are made of excellent fabrics with the highest quality crystal decoration, in a variety of colors. The variety of evening dresses we have in stock is unique and second to none, from a completely beaded dress to a more subdued, delicate and classic look, something for everyone. You can also get sculpted dresses, tailor-made dresses and more

Many of our clients are looking for evening dresses for wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, prom and more. Most of the dresses are for rent so you enjoy the dress that does not have to take up space in the closet and the most significant advantage is that instead of costing thousands of shekels you save costs (the dresses are cleaned very carefully)

The evening gowns are full of glamor glamor competition and chiffon fabrics and unimaginable beauty. The Karin dresses are precisely tailored for any event owner

Women who are looking for the "e" evening dress that there is no chance of another coming with the same dress to the event can find this unique in Karin and be relaxed that it is unique!

Karin treats her clients in a personal and special way and they spend quality time and experience in the measurement and adjustment process.

Karin takes care to let our customers try different colors, shapes and styles.

We often get women who are looking for evening dresses with sleeves, which is very difficult to obtain but at Karin there is no small variety at all of dresses with sleeves that will suit the religious / national religious / or even women who simply prefer sleeves regardless of modesty

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Evening dresses 2021 is one of the perfect collections in my eyes, they are varied in color and in high quality and unique fabrics you will never see another model like this in the country, I can imagine in my mind what the princess who will wear one of the perfect dresses from the collection will look like. The studio is located in Petah Tikva and you are welcome to arrange a non-binding meeting or contact us with any questions

Evening Dresses Collection 2021 | Karin Bar Sussman Wedding and Evening Dresses