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Designer of wedding and evening dresses

Karin Bar Sussman

Dress design on a different level

Karin Bar Sussman has been designing wedding and evening dresses in the field of design since 1998.
Specializes in designing wedding and evening dresses at a high level. She takes care of undergoing advanced training and renewing regularly and is always with innovations, combinations and developments so that you feel the most fashionable and most special.

Karin invests in hours of work dresses in choosing quality fabrics such as pageant, beaded fabrics, silk and more. In luxurious accessories and impressive and breathtaking designs

And everything is haute couture
And always with a significant emphasis on personalization, appearance and character

Why choose Karin?

Designer Karin Bar Sussman will accompany you closely and personally and will adjust the dress for you from the first measurement until the end of the dress until you are satisfied.
Beyond specializing in designing Karin Bar Sussman dresses, she also brings with her a lot of patience, love, listening, emotion and excitement to each client as if she were her only client, as all her clients will testify.
Karin Bar Sussman will make you feel perfect so that your smile will accompany you throughout the event.

?How It Works

You need to feel wonderful in your dress, do not waste precious time and a lot of energy on searching, make an appointment today and Karin will make the process of choosing your dress an exciting experience.

And unforgettable for you.

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